LOVEWORK at Craford Bay

LOVEWORK at Craford Bay

14 Crawford Parkway •

Looking for a great photo op to share your visit with your friends on social media? Show your LOVE by visiting the Olde Towne waterfront and snapping a few fun shots. Visitors are encouraged to take photos with the LOVEWORKS statue and share them on Facebook at or on Twitter with the special hashtag #LOVEVA.

This LOVE sculpture was the design of Portsmouth resident Orlen Stauffer. It was fabricated by Irving Wolff, also of Portsmouth. It has been installed on the waterfront overlooking Craford Bay and the marina. The project was sponsored by the local non-profit group, Support Portsmouth Public Art in conjunction with Virginia Tourism Corporation, Virginia is for Lovers, and the Portsmouth Museums and Fine Arts Commission.

The Story of the LOVE Monument through the eyes of the artist, Orlen Stauffer:

The first letter, “L”, contains a playful representation the stars and stripes leading the eye in the direction of the waves toward the rest of the message. It’s a fun hat tip to the symbol of our nation, its enduring history, and the role our city played (and still plays) in that story.

The “O” began as a solid compass face with the four points extending beyond, giving it a floating effect in relation to the others. In the midst of the design’s short evolution, I noted a nagging lack of life and punch. When I thought of “life” it hit me that the sun, known as the source of all life, would be great company for the waves rippling below. Then I added the hollow center opening just because that’s exactly what it needed as a porthole at just the right height for creative photo-op engagement. As a photographer myself, the sun offers a number of fun framing opportunities.

The anchor on the “V”, ready to drop into the blue waves, is of course a tribute to Portsmouth’s lifelong maritime history beginning with the original Gosport yard. It is evidenced at the site by the marina and Naval Hospital directly within view, as well as to the Naval Shipyard and the Marine Terminals less than two miles away in either direction.

I had to include fireworks on the “E” because this site is among the best in all of Southside Coastal Virginia to watch them go off with their dazzling reflections in Elizabeth River. This monument was built of materials that will stand the test of time and should remain as another key destination for Virginia travelers, a pretty cool spot to make a marriage proposal, and somewhere for families, friends, and groups to gather for some meaningful photo memories.