Commodore Theatre

Commodore Theatre

421 High Street • (757) 393-6962

The Commodore is a luxuriously restored 1945 Art Deco style motion picture theatre presenting first run films with a fine dining restaurant within the main auditorium. The Commodore has club style seating with a unique phone ordering system which allows you to pick up the phone on your table and place your order directly to the kitchen. The menu includes sandwiches, pizza, dessert, beer, wine and traditional soft drinks. It features a 41 foot screen with THX and Dolby Digital sound. Every film is presented as it is meant to be seen, in a luxurious, state-of-the-art theatre.

The theatre also offers FREE charging for Tesla owners who need their vehicles charged while away from home! While you enjoy a meal and movie, they charge your car in their private lot.

Movie Times:

Nightly: 7 pm
Matinees: Saturday & Sunday 1:30 pm

Box Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 5:45 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12:45 pm
Friday: 2:45 pm

Same day ticket sales, in person, at the box office. No phone reservations.

24/7 info: (757) 393-6962.