Find treasures at the Olde Towne Antiques & Flea Market on August 7!

Date: July 11, 2021 By: Kitty Bryant Category: Antiques

Just about 11 years ago, my husband and I bought our first house in Olde Towne Portsmouth. We were so excited to have our own space to make a home, but also very short on furniture since we were coming from an apartment. We got a lot of hand-me-downs, which was nice, but not the same as finding things on your own. So, one Saturday morning, we headed out to the Olde Towne Antique & Flea Market and made our first buy. It was an old sewing table and I remember thinking how perfect it would be as a small laptop desk tucked into a corner of our new kitchen. A coat of paint and one of those hand-me-down chairs later, I was all set up with a new computer station. And I was hooked on the monthly market!

Ten years, three kids, and one house (still in Olde Towne) later, I’ve shopped at the Antique & Flea Market more times than I could count. Sometimes with a purchase in mind – like when I needed large art to fill the walls of our second home. And sometimes just to get the kids out of the house. Give a toddler boy a dollar and a table full of hundreds of Matchbox cars, and you have a nice little morning! I still have a kid-sized Lightening McQueen folding table and chairs that made eating pizza and watching a movie more fun for my boys when they were small. I got way more than my $15 out of that lucky find! I also love to wear a couple of bangle bracelets I bought for a vacation a couple of years ago. My kids have Star Wars toys that are much cooler than the ones you can buy in the store (and much cheaper!) and when I’m feeling cool, I rock my Queen t-shirt.

There’s always a treasure to be found at the Antique & Flea Market and we’re so excited to get back to hunting in August when the market returns! Look for the market August 7 at it’s original location – the Middle Street Parking Garage, 441 Middle Street. It will be open from 10 am to 2 pm and include 75 vendors with a amazing variety of antique and flea market items and handcrafted goods. The market has been a favorite of treasure hunters since 2003 and after being closed for more than a year, the collectors have had lots of time to stock up! They’re thrilled to share their wares, so come out a see what you can find! The market is always the first Saturday of the month.

Parking and admission is always free and the market is the first Saturday of every month. In August, a 5K/10K will be run downtown next to the market. The city is expecting 1,000 visitors, so Portsmouth traffic officials suggest the following route to access the market:

Go down Effingham Street and turn right on High Street toward the water. Turn left on Middle Street and then right into the garage. We realize that getting 75 vendors into the garage with only one route in will be congested. The streets will be reopened by 1 pm, so leaving should be no problem. Thanks for being patient!
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