5 Things I LOVE About Olde Towne

Date: August 1, 2018 By: Holly Burgess Category: Uncategorized

When I was about 13 years old, I’ll never forget driving through Olde Towne Portsmouth with my parents and looking at all the beautiful historic homes. I took in the splendid architecture, beautiful paint colors, mature trees, and brick paths and wondered what interesting people might live in this beautiful area. From that moment, I hoped that one day, if I were lucky, I might be interesting enough to have the chance to call Olde Towne home as well. Grown up me did get the chance to live in Olde Towne for a few years and I came to love so many of the district’s shops, restaurants, museums, and events. What I loved the most, however; were the experiences that I look back on with fond memories. There are more than I can count but I’d like to share five of my favorites.

1. Getting Spooked at The Ghost Walk

The fall season is my absolute favorite part of the year. From pumpkin cheesecake and apple picking to tall boots and piles of leaves, if it has to do with fall, I love it! Halloween is no exception. There is no better time than Halloween to let Olde Towne’s rich history come to life. Every October, a group of volunteers puts on The Ghost Walk and guests are invited to walk the streets of the city at night, learning stories of hauntings at various historic homes. The tour usually ends with apple cider in one of the parks. The experience is spooky enough to be fun but not so spooky that most kids can’t enjoy it. The tour has always been a can’t miss for my family!

2. The Lights at Christmas

In the fall of 2007, I was living in an apartment in Olde Towne with a roommate and that October, I met my now husband for the first time. He lived in Hampton at the time but would drive to Portsmouth most weekends and we enjoyed everything Olde Towne has to offer together. We’d walk from my apartment to Roger Brown’s for dinner, meet friends at The Bier Garden for drinks, and explore the city. As we’d walk, the city was beautifully lit with white Christmas lights and Christmas decorations. Most nights, we’d end up at High Street Landing to see the big, beautiful Christmas tree on the water. We lived our own corny, romantic Christmas movie out right here in Olde Towne Portsmouth.

3. Everybody Knows Your (Dog’s) Name

Dog people in Olde Towne are a true pack! I can’t even begin to account for all of the conversations I’ve had over the years with other dog owners. I’ve gotten advice on what breeds our shelter dogs might be, shared cute stories, and just genuinely connected with other people who love their best friends as much as we do. Whether you are strolling up High Street or sitting at an outdoor patio with your pooch (who is hoping you’ll drop something), dogs rule in Olde Towne.

4. Dancing at The Pavilion

The breeze coming off the water on the lawn of Union Bank & Trust Pavilion is one of my very favorite things about Olde Towne. That breeze pairs exceptionally well with dancing, sweating, and listening to your favorite bands. I went to a concert there just a few days after I first moved to Olde Towne and I remember looking over the view of the city from that hill, enjoying the breeze, and taking in the water view, and thinking “I get to live here!”

5. Connecting with Passionate People

In any given day in Portsmouth, you will meet people of all different backgrounds with very different life experiences. What ties us all together is our passion for this city. Something about Portsmouth attracts people who fiercely love their town, want to contribute to it, and care about seeing it continue to grow.

What are five things you love about Olde Towne?