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 The Pack Roadtrip Travel Club

The Pack Roadtrip Travel Club was created as a way for people to experience unique, exciting travel adventures at an affordable cost while meeting new people and building friendships.
Unlike typical bus trips where you are dropped off in the middle of a major city for several hours and left to fend for yourself, The Pack trips are organized group trips. When you travel with The Pack, you join a group of people ready to explore new areas of the world, keen on having entertaining and enriching experiences, just like yourself!
 Every trip is 100% tailor-made, thoroughly researched and planned to feature the best every destination has to offer. Our itineraries are handcrafted, our experiences all-inclusive and our trips… Fun, Exciting, Relaxing, Profoundly Unforgettable is just a start.
 Relax and focus on getting excited about your trip. We’re handling all the details so you don’t have to!

 Phone: 757 805-5759

Website: http://www.thepacktravelclub.com/

10 Reasons To Travel With The Pack

1.  You’re not alone! You’ll be traveling solo… together
2.  Everyone shares a common interest in the destination, giving the group an immediate bond
3.  It’s a relaxed atmosphere
4.  Go places and have new experiences
5.  Make new friendships
6.  Try new things in a supportive environment
7.  Trips are afforable
8.  There’s a good mix between planned activities and personal/free time
9.  Always have someone to pal around with during personal/free time
10.  Your tour leader makes the trip flow seamlessly with a detail itinerary