South Norfolk Jordan Bridge

South Norfolk Jordan Bridge

Route 337 over the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River • (757) 545-3444

The South Norfolk Jordan Bridge is the region’s newest and best commuting option. With no weight limits, draw bridge openings or toll plazas, traffic flows freely. So you get where you want to go …when you need to get there.  The bridge is 169′ high, 5,375′ long and carries traffic along Route 337 over the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River.

It is the highest bridge in the Hampton Roads region offering sweeping views of the area and its landmarks. It features an ADA-compliant, 8-foot wide walkway to facilitate pedestrian traffic. The walkway is only open during daylight hours and features a 5% grade which is beneficial for endurance and strength training. The bridge was named the Overall 2017 Gold Winner by Coastal Virginia magazine in their annual reader awards survey for best Hike/Walk in Hampton Roads.

The South Norfolk Jordan Bridge is 100% privately funded. No local, state or federal tax dollars were used for the construction, operation or maintenance of the facility which is just $2.25 each way with an E-ZPass.

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